Wednesday, January 5, 2011


3 January 2011
Man, 2011 already? What ever happened to 2010? :)
Well, you were right...we did have a P-day on Saturday but we were told to save e-mailing for today. So, here I am!
It sounds like you all had a fun new years!....well, Emma at least! Did you do the traditional bugle blowing? I was listening for it! I don't think I heard it though. We really didn't do a whole lot of celebrating ourselves. We played some games with the family that just got baptized! That was a lot of fun. I love that family so much! We played a few rounds of Yahtzee. I was "THE GRAND LOSER!!!"
So life has begun again for all of you. Its about time you get back to work! :) You're right...I have no sympathy! It was actually really nice over break because it made it a lot easier to see people. Now we have a ton of schedules to work with. Oh can be done...sometimes!
I do remember the Stays. Indian food?! That would be interesting. Save me some will you? :) It may taste a little different by the time I get back though!
Well...I think I told you all that it snowed here a few days ago. Well, we still have some snow on the ground and lots of ice. You have to watch it on the road because there's random patches of ice everywhere. Looks like the cold is here to stay from what we've been told.
The baptism went so good on Sunday. The ward gave great support and the talks were great. This family is going to do great in the church. I'm so excited for them.
Right now we are still in the finding mode. We need new people to teach. We will be doing lots of tracting and working with members to find new people to teach. Missionary work is intense but its so fun and worth every minute. Its kind of like Alma. There's nothing more bitter than the bad times...but nothing more sweet than the good times.
Well....we do have to run...and my mind is blank right now. I'll see if more comes to me when I get a pen in my hand!
Love you all tons!
Love Elder Cryer
P.S. How was your pop tart dad? :)

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