Tuesday, January 25, 2011


January 24, 2011 e-mail
Well hello. So we meet again!
I got both your e-mails today! To answer your question...my dentist appointment went great. I got my teeth all cleaned and got my cavities filled. In fact we're having dinner with his family tonight. (I think he wants to see if we can chew our food pain free). Elder Smith is having a little irritation with one of his but I've been good.
Wow....new windows! I bet that looks great. Man, from the pictures I've seen the house looks so different. It looks awesome. The back bathroom looks great.
Speaking of looking great...whats with the 09 Charger in the driveway? Is Sam looking at cruising the town in style?
Well I'm glad that Sam didn't write to me with invisible ink....that would have made things a little more difficult to read!
Well, the work here is moving along. We have run into a little difficulty with that family of four we just baptized. Two more people just came into the picture and its causing things to be disrupted a little. I know with the Lords help though that this situation can be turned around and we could be blessed with another two baptisms. We have also found a ton of potential people. We are just trying to follow up with them to see if they are really interested or if they just wanted to get rid of us. That is awesome that the work is going so good back home. That is something that I want to get better at...getting a member to every lesson. It really does help. Its a little harder here because the ward/branch is small and most everybody (men and women) work during the day. So it can be tricky but we can be doing it more than we are.
We had interviews yesterday up in Garden City. I always love the chance to talk with President and Sister Pfile. I love them a lot. I'm really not looking forward to when they go home. Luckily I still have a little while longer with them. :)
We also got taught by the Zone leaders and Ap's. The mission has been working on a new way of putting together lesson plans. We are using the Do, Feel, Know method.
1) What does the investigator need to do/commit to.
2) What does the investigator need to feel in order to do/commit. What kind of environment do we need to create.
3) What does the investigator need to know in order for this all to happen.
It takes a little longer to plan a lesson out this way but it really helps us as we strive to teach people..not lessons. It helps us tailor fit each lesson to the person. I'm still getting the hang of it but its awesome.
Well, unfortunately my time is up.
Thanks for the updates and the pics! (You know how I love those!)
I'll fill you in some more in my letter.
Love you all...have a great week! Enjoy looking at the world through new windows!
Love each one of you a ton,
Love Elder Cryer

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