Saturday, October 16, 2010


10-4-2010 letter
Dear Family,
I enjoyed getting your letter mom. That's neat that you got to attend that baptism. It's always nice when there's good member support at baptisms. Was he a child of record baptism or had the missionaries taught him?
Mmmm...a chocolate frappe sounds really good! Actually it would have a few weeks ago but believe it or not it's actually starting to cool down here! It's been in the 70's and 80's during the day. Feels good!
Well, I'm glad that you're all enjoying bearing your testimony every month. I've really enjoyed it. I feel like I've grown a lot just by bearing it. By telling people what you believe you start to be more convicted in your own belief. It's a cool process.
What? Natalie is 16? Are you sure? That's so weird! I can still see her and Emma playing make-believe in the living room. And Natalie crying when her mom would come to pick her up. Well Emma, I can't wait to hear all about your trip. That sounds like a very fun trip.
I think I told you about the goals for the last half of my mission in my last letter. Let me know if I didn't.
So mom, your goal sounds like a good one. A hard one to develop as well! (At least for me!!) Especially to get it to become a natural thing like you were talking about. How are you going about developing it?
Well, you asked about N and how her baptism came about. Well, after she got back from her 'family emergency' we went over and asked what had happened. She said that she really did have a family emergency but also she really just didn't feel ready. As we continued to talk with her we found out what her concerns were. Over the next week we went over to her house every day and really helped her feel ready for her baptism. She was ready when the next Sunday came around. Then the following Sunday was the day for her confirmation. When we went by she was having a very hectic day. She said that today wouldn't work. We explained why it was so important for her to do it that day. With a little explaining and prodding we finally got her to agree to come.
It has taken a year...well a little less... to figure out that there is no perfectly smooth conversion process. There must needs be opposition in all things definitely applies to every individuals conversion process. The adversary always throws road blocks in the way, every time, without fail. Which makes sense because these people are about to enter onto the straight and narrow path. They are about to receive the Holy Ghost and 'have it with them at all times'. Of course he would want to stop that. But we also know that the power of God has a greater affect and power on people. So as long as they want to they can choose what they know is true.
So, that's N's story.
Well, lets see...what else is new? Oh, funny story.
So the other day we were in Wal-mart picking up a few needed items. We were standing in an isle when these four girls walked by and then stopped as they passed us and said, "Both of you are named Elder?"
I said, "Yeah, that's crazy isn't it?!...No, actually it's a title."
"Oh, O.K." they said, and kept walking and then they said, with a slightly confused expression, "A title for what?"
We explained that we were missionaries and what we were out talking about. Then, trying desperately to get these girls to move on we said, "Here...we'll give you each a card." So we handed each of them a Salt Lake Temple pass-along card. They took them and then we all went our separate ways. Well, for a second anyway. About a minute later I got a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there was one of the four girls with the other three not far behind her. She said, "I'm friend is mental and she was wondering if you had a different picture."
So I gave her a different one. She thanked me and then they left. Don't you wish the story was over? Well, I wish I could say it was...but it's not.
So about 5 minutes later we get cornered by three new girls! (I'm thinking: "What's going on? Am I really that good looking?!!:)
Well, once they cornered us they asked, "Are you the guys handing out the pictures of the castle?"
We told them that it actually wasn't a castle but that it was a temple. Then we gave each of them a card and made them promise that they would call the number on it (that will hook them up to the referral center at the MTC) and then we asked, "Where are all you girls from? Are you all together?"
They told us that they were from Colorado Springs and they were down for a volleyball tournament. We wished them a good stay in Kansas and then we left Wal-mart as quick as we could! It was very amusing but a little awkward because we had a few people looking at us wondering why we were always surrounded by girls when we were shopping! It was funny.
Well, it looks like I'll be cutting Elder Mosers hair today. Wish me luck....and him!
Well, I better let you go. I love you all. I hope to hear that you had a great week.
Love you
Love Elder Cryer
P.S. By the week just got less hectic because I found out that the team ups in Liberal were canceled. Sweet!

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