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oCTOBER 25, 2010 E-MAIL
Hey everyone!!!

I'm glad to hear that the XD card made it home safe. Sorry I didn't do a picture index for this batch but that's just way too much work! I'll be happy to explain in about a year!
Yes...mom did tell me the story about Jeff and the money and pretzels. I was surprised to find that the two stories matched up pretty dang close! I guess it must all be true! :) That story cracks me up...and that letter that Jeff wrote is hilarious!
So the carpets have been cleaned huh? From what I saw in the pictures the house looks great! I really like the wood floor! I'm glad that Emma was able to find herself a soft spot to sit! That picture looks just like something that Emma would do!
That's neat about Carson's first blessing. I know how he feels! I remember the first few blessings I gave I was so nervous. My knees were louder than the spirit I think! I remember when I first came on my mission I was being asked to give blessings left and right. I always hoped that I could just do the anointing but my wise mission father (That's what we call the Elder who trains us) made sure I gave the blessing.....every time! At the time I was not grateful but now that I look back I am so glad that he gave me that opportunity because now I feel much more comfortable about doing it and I have learned how to give blessings that are directed by the spirit. I think that's awesome that Carson got to give his mom that blessing.
Wow....Jay is going to Brazil! That's great! I bet he's excited. Is he asking Jed all sorts of questions? I hope everything with his visa goes smooth.
So dad...how much money are you willing to put on the guess that I get transferred next transfer?! :) No....I really hope that I stay here through the holidays. Elder Moser is sure we're both staying another transfer! It will be interesting to see what happens. You're right though. I am really really going to miss these people here whenever I do get transferred. Ulysses just feels like the place I'm supposed to be!
Don't worry...I have already started checking about getting a flu shot. I should be getting it this week. I would have gotten it this last Saturday but that part of the hospital was closed that day. I can get one Monday through Friday though. Thanks for the encouragement...I will make sure to get it done. :)
You asked how my clothes are holding up. Well.....my suits actually are doing great. I just had the one I wear the most dry-cleaned and it came out very well. As for my pants.....they are still wearable! They have a few holes in the pockets that I need to sew up and the belt loops are starting to give me the idea they might not be there much longer! I've done a bit of sewing on them over the past year! Really the most visible wear on them though is the fading of the color from the sunlight. I can buy a dye at Wal-mart for a few bucks that I throw in the washer with the pants and I think I may give that a try. I may need new tracting pants soon though. I've already replaced my belt so I'm good there.
Things continue to go good out here. We have two people with a date right now for the early part of November.
Today it finally cooled down to about 60ish degrees. It feels really nice.
Yesterday in the Hugoton branch we went to Primary and helped them get ready
for their Primary program. It was a blast! The kids practiced singing loud and then we judged them on it. After the first hour of practice we all went outside and played tag! Its not every Sunday that you get to play tag with the Primary! Then the second hour they went back inside and continued to practice while we went to Priesthood. It was great. I think when I get off my mission I'm just going to go to Primary!
Well.....we have a busy day today. You know....P-days are the most hectic, un-relaxing days of the week! I hope I'll have time to write to you about everything I want to write about. If not I guess I'll save it until next weeks letter.
Have a great day...and a great week!
Love ya
Love Elder Cryer.

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