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October 4, 2010 e-mail

Dear Family.....
hello again!
Another week has come and gone. Whats this about conference you were saying? General Conference wasn't this week was it? I'm pretty sure it wasn't because we never heard anything about it. Oh.....General Conference! Now I remember! :) Yes...that was awesome! I got a ton of great notes that I need to go back and study! I can't wait until the Ensign comes out as well...I always love going back and reading the talks.
Well...the dinner before the priesthood session was really good. Surprisingly it consisted basically of all meat! I don't think there was a single vegetable there.....except for a few jalapenos! It was way good though. And we had homemade ice cream and brownies and apple crisp. Very delicious.
So after dinner we all went into the chapel to watch conference and they were like "Oh dang it....we forgot to set up the projector!" Imagine that.....they were all so preoccupied with the food that they forgot to get conference ready! (I guess that explains why we were really there!) So we got the sound turned on at least and then we scrambled to get the projector set up. We eventually got it all working but we had to listen to the first ten minutes or so without the picture! It was funny.
We had an investigator at the priesthood session which was good but we haven't had a chance yet to follow up with him. He seemed to enjoy it though.
Sunday conference was good but there was practically no one at the church to watch it. They were all watching it at least that's what we think! The first Sunday session there were 7 of us (including us) and the second session there were only 3 of us (including us!).
Well this week I am going to be very busy! I did a little math and found that over the course of the entire week we will only be working in our area for a grand total of 13.5 hours. For the whole week! Tonight we're going to Liberal to do team ups with the Elders there from Tuesday to Wednesday. Then on Wednesday night we'll travel back and then on Thursday I'll head to Garden City and then off to Colorado Springs and then off to Denver to the temple. Then Thursday evening we'll travel back to Colorado Springs and then stay the night there. On Friday we'll do a few more things in Springs and then we will head back to Garden City for interviews. When interviews are over then we'll finally come back to Ulysses. Ah....if only it were over. But no......then on Saturday we have to go to Garden City again for Stake Conference and then come back to Ulysses after-wards and then go up to Garden again on Sunday for Stake Conference. When Stake Conference ends then we will finally come back to Ulysses to stay. Whew.....are you exhausted yet? Because I am.....and it hasn't even happened yet! :)
I've been thinking about making some oven pancakes for Elder Moser. He has never even heard of them. The problem is that I don't remember exactly how to make them. Do you think you could send me the recipe and instructions? That would be awesome!
So...about the canoe....either way would be fine with me. Just don't get rid of my kayak!
About the debit expires 8/11. So that's like one month before I come home.
I can't believe that you don't have any pictures for me. Boy do I have some for you!
F.'s uncle is a biker and has a motorcycle covered in skulls and stuff and we found his helmet while we were talking to F. and decided to have a little fun! Enjoy!!! Oh, also....Ciara's dogs had puppies....aren't they cute! There are six of them.
Well...Love you guys....Hope you have a less hectic week then me!!! I'll get my letter off to you soon!
Love Elder Cryer.....(A.K.A. Ben)

P.S.....for anyone else who may be reading this ;) I love getting letters!!! :

Elder Benjamin Cryer
4090 Center Park Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80916

(Hmmm....lets see if that does anything for me!!!) :)

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