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Is that what they call the person who keeps the blog up-dated? Well, anyway, I am way behind in my posting of Elder Cryer's letters and I do apologize. I will work hard to get caught up over the next couple days and then try to keep on top of it.
The Mom!

September 13, 2010 Letter

So have you been dying for the exciting news? B, N.H.'s husband, got baptized. They had the wedding on Saturday and baptism the following day. It went really well. The ward gave great support and great talks and provided great refreshments. They have a son who turns eight in November and we were telling B that he could baptize him. He was way excited for that.
So on the 7th of this month there was a member who was going to drop dinner off at 6:00 pm at our apartment. We were running a little late and so we called them. Well they were just pulling into our driveway. We were about three minutes away and they were in a rush and so they said they'd just drop it off by our door. So three minutes later we ride up to the door...and we find our dinner....all over! There was dumb little chihuahua who was destroying our dinner! So there went our dinner. Anyway, a few days later we learned that that dumb dog lives behind our apartment next door. So we equipped ourselves with a water gun to torment the dog! We watch for him to run by and then we open the window, spray him, and then close the window before anyone can see what happened! It's very funny.
Guess what?! I made beef jerky a few days ago. It wasn't the best flavor for jerky but the texture was good. I'll try my hand at another batch later.
Thanks for your journal entry/letter mom. It is great being a part of someones conversion. There is nothing better than listening to an investigator or recent convert teach you. I have really seen that with N. She loves it, she studies it, she asks about it. It's so awesome to see.
It sounds like the 11 year old day camp went well. I can only imagine what the primal cave man yell was like. I imagine that they really got into it!
It sounds like you had a stressful shopping experience getting ready for the camp. A little too much to remember it all?
So, dad got a mini-blizzard?! How was it? I have been dying for a blizzard for the past five months but there are no DQ's here! Maybe someday I will satisfy my craving.
To answer your question...yes, I have seen a flag retirement ceremony. Only one...but still...that counts, right? It is a neat thing to see. And a neat thing to feel. I remember feeling a similar feeling when Sam and I played a bunch of patriotic songs at the retirement home on September 11 (9/11). It was a wonderful, hard to describe feeling.
Well, you asked if C got baptized on the 22nd. No. She ended up not getting baptized until the 28th. But she did get baptized.
So Sam, how is your bee stung foot? Has it stopped swelling? Has the fuzzy headed-ness gone?
That's exciting that Brett got called to Arizona! There is a young man from the ward here in Ulysses who just got his call to Arizona as well. His name is Richard Seger. That would be cool if they served together.
Have you heard anything about where Carson is at in the mission process? I keep hoping that he gets called to the CCS Mission! That would be crazy awesome!
I was wondering dad...what is the average number of baptisms per month for the stake? I was just curious. Or is that classified information?!
That ward mission plan looks very good. Who is the ward mission leader now? Do I even know him? Would I even recognize the ward if I saw it?
Well, I think I filled you in on all my random stories and facts in my e-mail so I guess I will throw this in an envelope and send it on it's way over to Eugene Oregon! (Unlike last week when I forgot to send it! Or the week before...whatever week that was.)
Well, Love ya!
Take good care of yourselves.
Love Elder Cryer
P.S. Elder Moser and I are going to head down to the high school and play some tennis. Watch out pro' we come!

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