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Oct 18, 2010 e-mail
Hey guys!
So guess what? I have ANOTHER six weeks in Ulysses and Hugoton! I'm going to be here for Thanksgiving! That means I will be here for over six months! Pretty crazy huh?!?!?
I'm still serving with Elder Moser as well. He has never served with anyone more that two transfers (roughly 3 months) until now. This will be the third transfer (roughly 4.5 months) serving with me. I'm looking forward to another six weeks here. I wonder if I'll make it until Christmas? :)
Well....This weeks been good. "F.M" got confirmed! He went three weeks between baptism and confirmation due to General Conference and Stake Conference. We were a bit worried! It all worked out great though.
This last Friday and Saturday we were down in Hugoton. On Saturday we were riding our bikes around talking to people. We saw a group of young guys playing basketball. We decided we'd see if they were up for a challenge. They were. So we played a few rounds of basketball with them and then we talked to them about who Jesus is. It was neat. Then later on we were riding and saw another group of guys playing football. We decided we'd go show them how real football is played! It was fun. We played a while and then it got dark and so they had to head off and so we gave them each a "I'm a Mormon" "" card. Speaking of you guys have those new cards back home? If so, how are they working there? They seem to be a huge success in Colorado Springs.
So the landlords winterized our trailer in Hugoton. They have that place sealed up like nothing I've ever seen. There is plastic and duct tape everywhere! Well....the swamp cooler is all we have to cool that place down when its hot and they have it all wrapped and taped up and when we went down to Hugoton this last weekend it was about 80 degrees outside and 90 degrees in our trailer with no way to cool it down. So it was pretty miserable. It the evening we put fans outside the door and blew in all the cool air that we could (and a few bugs!) That trailer is the only downfall to Hugoton.
So you know how you sent me that little matchbox version of a Shelby GT 500 car. Well we were talking to this one guy the other day and he got to showing us a ton of road and mountain bikes that he's built and he took us into his garage and there was a Shelby GT 500. Same colors and everything. Man was it a pretty car! I fell in love with it instantly. I'm going to take my matchbox version to him and see if he wants to trade!
Well.....our cell phone exploded the other day so we've been without a phone for three days. Its been a bit difficult. I didn't realize how dependent we are on the phone! Hopefully we'll be getting another one soon.
Well...last P-day we went to the local Museum. I thought I'd throw in a few pictures from our trip. It was neat to walk around and see a little of the history of where I'm serving. We spent about two hours walking around.
So we were driving the other day and we drove past a yard sale so we decided to stop and see what they had. They had two pairs of cowboy boots but unfortunately they were both size ten. Elder Moser ended up getting both of them for $5.00. Not bad huh?!?! :) Now he's got just about the whole outfit!
Well I guess I'd better run. Enjoy the pics!
Love you all a ton
Love Elder Cryer

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