Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oct 12, 2010 e-mail

Dear everybody! Well...Happy Columbus Day! That is the reason that I didn't e-mail yesterday. Did I throw off your schedule by e-mailing on Tuesday?
Well last week was a good week! As I'm sure you remember (maybe!) I went to the Denver Temple this week in celebration of my groups one year mark. It was such a great experience. We had quite a large group that went. I put a picture on this e-mail so you could see everyone!
So you went to the coast again?!?!? It looks like a great time. You know, that reminds me...This last Sunday we had Stake Conference and I was talking to this one girl....(actually in all actuality it was her talking to me. She wouldn't stop!)....but anyways she was telling me about a trip that she had gone on and she said, "...and we went to.......oh...ummm...we went to....hmmm....what was that thing called......ohhhh.....ocean! We went to the ocean....that's what it was called!"
I couldn't help but feel sorry for this poor deprived girl. She couldn't even remember what the name of the ocean was! People here in Kansas just don't get the chance to see the ocean like we do on the coast. She is about thirteen and she has only been to the ocean once in her life. Oddly enough I believe that she went to that one beach we've been to on the west coast that has the ship half buried in the sand right off the coast. That's what it sounded like from what she was explaining to me. Anyway...I thought you might enjoy hearing that.
So has the rain set in for good now? Its still sunny here! Although it has started to cool down. We're down to the mid 70's to mid 80's. There was a pretty decent sized lightning storm out east of us last Friday.
So yesterday I think that the City of Ulysses had a glitch on their electric board because the bars went down and started flashing on the railroad tracks when there was no train in either direction. (We just went around the bars and across the tracks along with all the cars doing the same!) And the tornado alarm went off twice and there was no sign of a tornado anywhere! It was a little creepy though. I kept hoping I'd finally get to see a tornado! I guess not yet!
So you got to do PMG training. I bet that was good. I get to go to a three day, thirty hour training in springs in November dealing with the new simplified curriculum. Its going to be long but I'm looking forward to it.
Well it sounds like Carson is well on his way to getting his call! That's neat. So has the game of Boggle been played yet? I wonder who will win?!
Well. I had better get headed out. I will write today and try and give you a few more details about the week!
Love you all tons!
Love Elder Cryer.

P.S. This little squirrel let us get so close to him! I thought Emma especially would like this picture!

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