Friday, December 3, 2010


November 25, 2010 letter

Dear Family,
Well, as I sit and write this letter you are all having a happy Thanksgiving with grandpa and grandma and Aunt Jackie, Uncle Jerry and Zach. I'm having a good Thanksgiving too! I woke up this morning and started writing letters, then I showered and then wrote a couple more letters, then I ate breakfast and now I'm writing more! We have a pretty laid back day today. We have our first lunch in about an hour.
Well, I believe that I have two letters to reply to of Emma's.
You asked if the kids at the Halloween party were really punching us or not. Well, I think they were really punching but it wasn't very hard! We were all dressed up in black cloaks. It was funny. I'll send pics if I ever get them. can you be a better missionary now. That is a great question. The fact that it's on your mind and you have the desire is the first step. The first thing that comes to mind is "live the gospel as conspicuously as you can." Don't hide all. Don't push the gospel on anyone but you can always invite. I think the best thing in the math class situation is just to be a good example and try to build good friendships with them so you get to where you can invite them. That's awesome that you learned how to play that hymn in three days! I've commented to a couple people how well my sisters play the piano.
That's cool that you got to go to the temple recently. That's crazy that that RM knew Landon. Small world!
So you're illustrating Charlie Pool? That's cool! Will it be done when I get back? I can't wait to see it. I like the drawings you sent me! They are really good. You have quite the talent.
So are you trying to develop a photographic memory. Let me know how it goes! Maybe I should try.
Well, I'm back. We had a good day. We went to the Woods at noon and ate a good meal. We played a game called Zingo. It's basically bingo with a little twist.
We went to the Peters next at 1:30 and had another good meal. We had fun visiting with all of them.
Next we had a meal with the Segers. We went out to their farm. I didn't eat a whole lot there but we did have a good game of highway football though! We had to move a couple times for cars and trucks. It was fun. I must say that I caught the ball every time it was thrown to me. About five times. It's interesting playing football dressed up in church clothes!
Well, if I stay another transfer here I'll get to help lots of people put up Christmas lights. There have been a lot of people that have asked us to help. Should be fun! Hey...if I do stay then I'll get to call home from Ulysses for the second time! That would be crazy.
Well I better go. Love you all!
Love Elder Cryer

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