Saturday, December 4, 2010


November 29, 2010 Letter

Dear FAmily,
Well, I'm writing this as Elder Moser is packing. I can't believe that I get to stay here for another transfer. That means I'm here for Christmas and New Years! Everybody in my district has been telling me that I was gone for sure. They are all so surprised that I'm staying.
So did you used to roast chestnuts as a kid dad? That's neat that you tried it. So are you and Sam going to roast some more?
Tell Aunt Jackie that I missed Black Friday shopping as well. I'm glad I'll get to do it next year! I heard stories of people shopping all through the night! That sounds so fun! I can't believe that you didn't leave the house at all! That is so not exciting.
Well, this last week I got a letter from Emma and Mom! I'll start by replying to Emmas.
Man, I bet that was exciting to go on an outing with your sis! That's pretty awesome! (So Sam, what car do you drive? Are you getting your own car anytime soon?)
It sounds like you've been able to play the piano a lot lately! That's neat. I bet you and Sam get a lot of requests! I can't believe you Emma and Sam! An early Christmas party! That is awful! I'm surprised you both survived that! Man, there's a lady (well, a family) here that you would love. She has a TON of Christmas decorations! Each of her three kids have their own tree in their room. Then she has about six trees in her living room! No joke. She loves Christmas! We helped them put up Christmas lights on the outside of their house. It was fun.
I'm glad that quote was able to help you. The one about never feeling comfortable. I love that one too.
Well mom, you asked how I'm doing. The answer is GREAT! Even better now that I know I get to stay here. Speaking of 'even better' are you feeling better dad? Are you over your walking pneumonia? That doesn't sound like fun. I hope your feeling better now.
That is funny about the Masons. Souns like they had a lot of turkey! Sounds like my kind of meal!
You asked if I have been finding ways to apply what I've been learning. I have been trying. I have recently hit a spot in my mission where I feel a little like I've hit a plateau. I don't like that feeling. I want to continue to grow and progress. I know I can be far better than I am. I just need to find out how. So I am trying. President has helped a lot. Like you said, "He's a hard man to misunderstand!' I love both the Pfiles.
Well I just realized that in the rush of things I forgot to wish dad a happy birthday in the e-mail so, Happy Birthday Dad! How old does that make you? Twenty-seven? Twenty-eight? I hope that you have a very happy, un-sick birthday! And be sure to enjoy the Christmas tree! I bet your going to love your i-pad. I'm not jealous at all! Those things are awesome. Hey, you'll be able to e-mail me from that won't you!? Sweet!
Well, again, I'm in a rush. I need to drive Elder Moser to Liberal so he can catch his ride. Love you all a tone!
Love Elder Cryer

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