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November 15, 2010 e-mail
Hi there everyone!
Wow, I feel so behind right now! I have letters to catch up on, journal writing to catch up on, and so much more! That's o.k.....I can do it!
Well I'm sorry to hear that dad is sick. That can't be any fun. Is he the first one sick right now or did he get it as a gift from one of you?!?!? :) I hope he gets feeling better soon.
Congrats Sam on driving to church!!! That's pretty exciting! How do you like tearing up the roads on your own? I've been having fun tearing up the roads out here in Kansas. In fact....most of them are dirt now! (I can't remember if they were like that before I came or not! ;)......) It sounds like you're enjoying it. You thinkin' about NASCAR next?
Well...the answer to your question...or yes. Brother Rowberry did overpay for his pretzels. I couldn't believe it! It was SO generous! In fact....when I first saw the money I thought..."haha I'm going to send it back to him and see what he says." But then as I read the letter I realized that he had made that impossible by telling me that that idea was strictly unacceptable. Dang it.....he read my mind. (In case you're reading this Brother Rowberry...thanks again for your extreme generosity!) So yes....I haven't needed to dip into my account. However I still haven't bought new pants or anything! Mainly because I'm serving in "The middle of nowhere" Kansas where the only pants you can buy are Wranglers and Carharts! I'll need to wait until I go to a bigger city. If I make time we can go to JC Penny in Liberal after district meeting. I'll get 'er done at some point!
That's neat about Carson. Hows he like being a ward missionary? He's going to make a great missionary. It's good to hear that he's making time to go out with the missionaries. He'll be glad he did!!!
That's neat that you got to go to the temple all together. That will be a great time when we can all go together again wont it?!?!?! That's neat that your trying to go twice a month....I bet that's nice. That's better than twice in two me!!! :) I love the temple. That's pretty cool that you got to speak in the chapel session. Sounds like that's a rare privilege! So you were just called up without warning? Or did you have some notice?
Sounds like you have a fun Thanksgiving planned. Is Aunt Jackie going to face Black Friday this year? Who's going to go with her this time?!?!?! I don't think I'll be going this year because I don't think missionaries are allowed to do Black Friday shopping! Its O.K....this is the last year I need to miss it! I don't know exactly what our plans for Thanksgiving are at the moment. Lots of missionary work I assume! The day before Thanksgiving....on Wednesday....the Ulysses ward is doing a talent show/dinner at the Civic center. That should be interesting....ward talent shows always are! It is usually where the least amount of talent is displayed!!! Should be lots of fun though.
I'm glad I was able to make you laugh with my "making the party story". Its true though! That party was going to die if it weren't for us! Good thing we were there to save the day! We've basically won the primary kids over in both the Ward and the Branch. They are awesome!
I'm sure the house isn't lacking humor though.....I have dad there! I don't know if I remember a day that he didn't have us all laughing! (Especially around the dinner table!)
Well......I gotta run again. The story of my life!
I love you all and I'll get you a letter put in the mail today!
Take care, (And get better dad!)
Love Elder Cryer

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