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November 10, 2010 e-mail (The blog master is behind again....sorry!)

Hello again everybody! I figured I'd really try to throw you off today by e-mailing on a Wednesday! Did it work?
I think I told you how I was going to be in Pueblo Colorado on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Well.....I lied. :) President Pfile decided to squeeze Leadership Training into two days instead of three so that we could get back to our areas as soon as possible. So today we were told to do P-day since we missed it on Monday and our laundry really needs to be done!
Man....that is awesome that Carson's papers are in! Tell him I want a letter when he knows where he's going! :) Man...I can't believe how fast time is going!
Well it sounds like you've had just as many meeting as I have recently! It sounds like they were good too! (As were mine!)
The leadership session sounds good. I have been wanting to incorporate the scriptures more in my teaching and talking with people as well because of that idea that is presented in the Book of Mormon that the "Word" has a more powerful effect on the hearts and minds of the people than anything else. It is true. Something that I have come to realize while I've been out is that we have the ability and the power in ourselves to convince. But only God has the ability and power necessary to convert. That power lies in, and can be invited by, the scriptures. It has to be a spirit to spirit process. Not a mind to mind. It has been, and still is, a profound lesson to learn. I am still figuring it out. I know I can do better at creating a climate where the spirit can testify to the investigator and then, as President Pfile says, "shut up, get out of the Holy Ghosts way, and let him work." :)
To answer your question....yes. Kansas does do daylight savings time and we did remember to set our clocks back. It's been crazy lately because our mission covers two time zones and we have been traveling across them these past few days! It makes things interesting!
Things are cooling down here (knock on wood). It has been freezing during the nights. (I know that because our car is covered in a very thin covering of ice in the morning). And it has been about 50 - 65 degrees for the most part during the day.
SO Ducks are #1! GO DUCKS!!! I will definitely start bragging about that! That is some good information that could be used to humble some people!
I'll be looking for my xd card and CD! Thanks for sending those to me!
So on Sunday while we were on our way to our meeting with Elder Nelson we got lost. Luckily we were about two hours early, but still we were lost. Then all of sudden I see a sign that says: "Garden of the Gods....1 1/2 miles". Hmmm.......That's interesting! So we went to the Garden of the Gods! It was a neat place. No, there is no cost to get in! I'll throw some pictures on here so that you can see my adventures.
Well....I took a ton of notes between zone conference, Elder Nelsons meeting, and Leadership Training that I will write about when I write to you soon.
Oh!!! quick thing. You remember that I told you about that young man that I baptized my first transfer in the mission that I told you was getting ready to go on a mission? Well he was at the leadership training!!! He was doing role plays teaching with us and everything! It was so awesome to see that huge progression in him! And it was just great to see him again!
Well I better get going. I have lots to do!!!
I love you all and hope you continue to do well!
Love Elder Cryer....

P.S. I am thinking about Christmas ideas. :)

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