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November 24, 2010 e-mail
Hello guys!!!
Is it just me or does it feel like I have been e-mailing on a different day every week?!?!?! It's really not my fault...I'm just doing what I'm told! Since Thanksgiving is this week we were told to work Monday instead of taking a P-day and then e-mail and shop on Wednesday due to the fact that everything will be closed tomorrow, and then on Thanksgiving day we get to have an all day P-day!!! So that is why I'm emailing on a Wednesday this week!
I'm glad to hear that you decided to come back to life dad! Good my opinion!
Man...I've been getting lots of word that the sounds of Christmas have been floating through the air a little early this year. What are we going to do about this? Well, let me just say this. I doubt you've had the worst of it. I have tried and failed to convert Elder Moser to the fact that Christmas music should not be played...(or thought about for that matter) all before November 30th each year. I began my attempts to convert him about August when we were on our way to a district meeting in Liberal and he put in a Christmas CD!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE HHHEEELLLPPPP!!!!!!!! Like I attempts to convince him of the error of his ways....and the wicked traditions of his fathers....were in vain and he has been listening to it up to this current day....and will probably continue to listen to it until about May. Disgusting I know. I did all I could!
So, as I was looking at the picture of the 'three amigas' playing guitar I noticed that we have a Jackson Michael edition of our projector. Instead of going from black to white like Michael Jackson, it went from white to black! Why the new projector? Is it HD? What happened to the old one? I don't know if I ever saw all three guitars being played at once. What is this?......the party started when I left huh? !!! :)
You're going to be the proud owner of an i-pad!!!!????!!!! Those things are AWESOME! The church is doing like a trial run thing by giving those to a few companionship's here in the CCSM to see if they help move the work along a little more effectively. We're one of the companionship's that got one!!!! It is so nice. would be if what I just said were true. Unfortunately that is not true at all. :( But there are a few members that have them (2 to be exact) and they have shown them to me. Pretty slick. I wouldn't mind one of those! Can you send me one of those for Christmas? (Just joking!!!) here has started to cool down. No moisture at all yet though....just cold. Its been getting down to the 30's in the morning. It sounds like good ole' Oregon is still doing good with the moisture!!! I love hail storms. I keep wanting to see golf ball size hail here....or baseball size!
So you had 30 investigators at church last week throughout the stake? That's not bad! I hope they all stick!
Well.....I just thought...this e-mail is probably being read by a few more people this week....possibly Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Jerry, Aunt Jackie, I right? How are you all doing! I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving!!! I would ask you to eat some food for me too but we already have three meals lined up back to back on Thursday! One at 12:00pm, one at 1:30pm, and one at 3:00pm. So I have a feeling I'll get enough to eat!
Well...I would love to stay and chat but I have to run...I have already gone a couple minutes over my hour. I will get a letter off to you soon!
Love you all
Love Elder Cryer
...and remember....HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

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