Thursday, December 30, 2010


December 27, 2010 e-mail


It was great to be able to talk to you on Christmas! I was glad to hear that you all had a great Christmas! I was also glad to hear that Gma and Gpa are doing well. My Christmas was good.....different..but good. :) We ended up eating a lot and just visiting with people.
So how do you like e-mailing on an i-pad? I bet it's pretty sweet!
You asked about how the work went over Christmas week dad. As far as tracting and ITL-ing it wasn't way productive because half the people we talked to weren't even from Kansas so we just left them with a card and invited them to contact the missionaries when they went home. However, we did find one man that let us in and we were able to teach him. He accepted to be baptized but didn't end up coming to church. We did have a really productive week though overall. In fact the ZL's called us this morning to congratulate us on a great week. They said "Man, what are you guys doing out there? You are tearing it up! Keep up the great work!". So that was nice to hear.
The family of four that I was telling you about all came to church and are still set for their baptism on the 2nd of January. We're so excited.
The mission has been giving baptism a HUGE focus! In fact the first lesson we teach now is not the restoration. We go in and teach all about baptism and then ask them if they would like those blessings in their life. Then we extend a date for them to be baptized on. Its way cool! Basically all of my 'new years resolutions' are focused on helping me become a better, harder working, more spirit filled missionary because that's how I'll bless others the most and forget about myself.
Man, I loved your Christmas present dad! Good job Emma! Those drawings are really impressive. You have quite the talent.
Well....I better get running. I will be sending a short letter today or tomorrow but we only have a two hour P-day today. So the real letter will be written on Friday or Saturday. Holidays mess with our schedule like no other!
Well, I love you all!
Have a happy new year!
Until 2011.....
Love Elder Cryer

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